Adaptive music research

For some time, David has been keenly interested in the subject of adaptive music for video games - music that can adjust and evolve based on game events. Coming out of this interest and research have been several published papers and official presentations.

Honors Thesis:

Adaptive Game Music: The Evolution and Future of Dynamic Music Systems in Video Games

Examination of the history, development, and future of adaptive, dynamic, and interactive music in video games. Discussions include nonlinear music historical developments, compositional approaches for adaptive music, generative music, testing methods in the compositional and implementation stages, the evolving industry of adaptive music composition, future technological developments in music production and gaming, and adaptive music beyond games. Also included is an appendix of video game case studies, as well as an appendix of professional insight from game industry veterans.



The Future of Adaptive Game Music: The Continuing Evolution of Dynamic Music Systems in Video Games

This paper examines what the future may hold for adaptive music in video games. Discussions are focused on technical developments in music production software, game audio middleware, and gaming interfaces, and what these could mean for dynamic music systems. Specifically, the heralding of an industry-standard interactive audio transferable file type, the increasingly standardized functionality and appearance of game audio middleware, the blurring of the lines between DAW and middleware, improved real-time audio effects, generative music and MIDI-based capabilities in game engines, and the use of new player-state-based data input streams to inform and personalize music experiences on a player-by player basis, are explored.